Another year around the sun
For a spirit whose echo is endless. 

You are loved
As you are,
As you live in me and in your 
Smiling, suffering, singing children.
Programmers and apprentices,
Every shining hand you touch
A poultice for the thought,
“I can’t go on.” 
Because you do.
Because you ever always do.
Because you ride on mountain trails
Dragging friends and G!d along behind you
As if to say,
“There will be time for sorrow.
Come, let us carve a path with joy.” 

Like the star who by our life
Becomes the sun,
You anchor orbits
And radiate light. 
You merged with male
To become rock,
Coalesced from cold and violent space
When stars imploded. 
A leader among children,
A shepherd among wanderers, 
A help when none was given.
A breath both long and breathless,
Fulfillment and excitement, 
Supple strength transcending time. 

Bending our minds toward you,
Our spirits form a latticework of love.
Until we weave together 

Each moment,
Each person your quilt, 
A shelter giving tribute to the sky,
As vast as the blue of your eye.