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🙂 Yes! $36 - Download tracks from our High Holidays Live Recording.

😀 You bet! $54 - Download tracks from our High Holidays Live Recording.

😃 Of course! $108 - Download ALL tracks from our High Holidays Live Recording.

🤗 We've got you! $360 - Download ALL tracks and participate in our studio recording of Or Olam.

🥰 We love Kol Hai! $1008 - Download ALL tracks and Executive Producer Credit on Or Olam.

😍 We ARE Kol Hai! $3000 - Be a part of our Nishmat Kol Hai Circle and participate in our annual dinner with our closest circle of supporters. 

Get our Music and help us meet our $12,000 Matching goal!

Original Music 

Our High Holidays Album includes original music from last year's High Holidays, for immediate download! And, you'll support Kol Hai to continue its unique offerings of earth-based, musical, transformative, Jewish programming!

Any donor of $360 or more will be invited to listen to a rough cut of our studio session of Or Olam and donors of $1008 will be given Executive Producer credit for this track.


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