When January 21, 2022 at 6:30 pm EST 1 hr 30 mins

Join Priestesses Elana Brody, Aliza Rivka, and our own Renée for a special Kohenet-led Shabbat service... broadcast from the jungles of Costa Rica!

Kohenet Elana is known for her original prayer songs and moving voice. Kohenet Aliza Rivka is a renowned DJ and movement maven.

Friday nights are the essence of Kol Hai’s offerings.

When we gather in the holy space of Shabbat, the weekday slips away. We ride together on a wave of timeless melodies into presence and welcoming what is.

This week will be a special Kabbalat Shabbat with Kohenet Renée and her fellow Priestesses: Elana Brody and Aliza Rivka. Join us for this Priestess magic coming live from Costa Rica!

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Within the evocative sounds of ancient prayers, we find the place where we are both human and holy, both engaged in the world and transcendent in the light of the sacred. We wrap ourselves in the protective embrace of a renewed tradition and ever-widening community, giving ourselves the freedom to dance and sing from the heart.

At Kol Hai, we are allowed to be our true selves.

Will you come?