When April 07, 2019 at 5:30 pm EDT 2 hrs 30 mins
Where Private Residence
Contact Lia Rosen [email protected] 845-658-2136
Hello and happy spring, women of Kol Hai!
We are delighted to invite you to the Rosh Hodesh circle for the month of Nisan, hosted by Heather Gillman in New Paltz.
The theme is “Hametz to Hope: Flowing into Freedom's Song”.
Please bring a symbol/story of Hametz (baggage to leave behind) or Hope
We are changing the format a little, as follows. We hope you will join us in this beautiful time of spring, to share some sacred circle time with the other Jewish women in your community.
Please CLICK HERE to open and save the Rosh Hodesh Spreadsheet, which we will use again for each month. Click the tabs along the bottom to sign up to host one (we need a host for next month!), add your contact info, and sign up with your potluck dish or general item you intend to bring to this one (this is how you will RSVP).

We’re doing a REAL potluck meal! 

This will be at the start of the event, for about 45 minutes. Make something good, something to be proud to share! Please sign up at the above link with what you will bring. If you’re not sure, but are thinking “something made from potatoes”, or “I want to pick up a pie”, that is fine, just put that, so at least we can all have a cohesive plan with entrees, sides, desserts, whatever.
Here are the arrival instructions from Heather, the host:
  • My home is on 81 Plains Rd off Main St. in New Paltz about 1/2 mile from the Waterstreet Market.
  • There is a white mailbox with #81 on it across the street from my driveway.
  • The house is green with a porch, in front of the New Paltz rural cemetery.
  • You'll see a silver Nissan parked diagonally in the driveway so other cars can follow.
Thank you! We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!
The Rosh Hodesh Committee
Please RSVP by adding your name and dish to the potluck list for Nisan, at the link above!
Questions not answered on the spreadsheet? Contact Lia Rosen at [email protected] or 845-658-2136.