Nishmat Kol Hai - Monthly Membership

We Welcome You to the Nishmat Kol Hai Circle!

As the backbone of our organization, you are invited to a special meeting each year where you will connect more closely with our leadership and with other members of our Innermost Circle. At each meeting, a few of our members will share stories from their spiritual journey.

Plus you receive:

  • FREE tickets to High Holidays each year
  • FREE Admission to all of our Saturday Shabbat Retreats with Luminaries
  • Discounted Shabbat and Weekend Retreats with Luminaries
  • Discounted Life Cycle Events 
  • Discounted enrollment in our Forest Hebrew School programs
  • Discounted Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Care sessions
  • Access to our Clergy Office Hours
  • Access to community support networks 
  • Invitation to our All-members meetings
  • The ability to vote on the Kol Hai Board of Directors

Nishmat Kol Hai Circle Members make a minimum monthly contribution of either $250 / individual; or $350 / family. After we receive your contribution, we will reach out to find out the names of your participants.

Please select your monthly, tax-deductible, contribution amount. Thank you!


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Contributions are tax deductible.

Payment Details

$350.00 paid monthly