After Psalms 148 and 150

This is the love that knows no bounds.
This is the voice that needs no sound.
This is the chain that cannot break.
This is the emptiness of fate.

Praise Him oak and maple catching sunlight,
Praise Her pine and hemlock holding snow.
Praise Them hawk and eagle winging skyward,
Praise God fertile waters as they flow.

Praise Her teeming microbes beyond measure,
Praise Them dance of water, rock, and air.
Praise Him soil of life who we are breathed from,
Praise Evolving Knowledge always there.

Praise Them in their genderless unfolding,
Praise Her in the squirrels planting oaks,
Praise Him in the pollen of a flower,
Praise the God whose learning is our vote.

Halleluyah, let each breath be prayer.

Halleluyah, raise an old-new song.

Halleluyah, in our joy-dance moment

Let the pain and silence,
If they’re ready,
Sing along.

Let the half-smile sadness,
Sacred silence,
Sing along.