Welcome to Kol Hai!

We are so glad to have YOU as part of our family. We have members from all over the world. Kol Hai is set apart by our values of warmth, intimacy, inclusivity, connections, deep prayer, spirituality, reverence for the earth, and especially: soulful music.

Membership at Kol Hai is about establishing a relationship. We share our joys and celebrations, and we comfort each other in difficult times. In all the junctures of life, you have a spiritual family. Many of our members participate in our events and services, and some simply want to see us continue our work in the world. We welcome everyone who loves what we do to make a tax-deductible contribution at any level.

All of our members receive:

  • Invitation to our Shabbat Services  
  • Invitation to our All-members meetings
  • The ability to vote on the Kol Hai Board of Directors

Members also receive additional benefits based on the following tiers of giving:

Nishmat Kol Hai Circle

"The soul of All Life"


Nishmat Kol Hai Circle Members make a minimum yearly contribution of $3000 / individual or $4200 / family or monthly at $250 / individual; $350 / family (applies to 2 adults and any children under 12). We have identified this amount as an average Temple Membership contribution.

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Sustaining Membership

Our Sustaining Members are the support structures of our community. You make it possible for us to cover our financial costs, support our leadership, and bring in esteemed luminaries. 

Sustaining Members make a minimum yearly contribution of $1300 / individual or $1800 / family (applies to 2 adults and any children under 12). They may also choose to make a monthly contribution of either $108 per month / individual; $150 / family. This is designed to be less than the average temple membership.

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Contributing Membership

Anyone can join us and affirm they are a part of Kol Hai.

When you join Kol Hai at any amount, you receive the following:

Donations should represent a meaningful but manageable amount for you. The donation page will have a list of suggested donation amounts.

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How Do I Join?

Members contribute to the organization with a tax-deductible donation either monthly or yearly. Everyone contributes according to their capacity. This way we all support each other as we come together to create community.

Why Should I Join?

Kol Hai cannot exist without a supportive membership base. If you like having a warm and welcoming place to come for shabbat, or a place to go deep at the holidays, or if you just love that we exist as a beautiful, open tent, your membership helps ensure that we continue.