Passover Resources

April 23, 2016
6 pm - til?

The Garden House
4 Hardenburgh Road
Rosendale, NY 12472

Our first-ever Seder is sold out! If you have any questions about your RSVP or the Seder night, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Preparing for freedom is a paradox....

How do you prepare to go somewhere you've never been before?
How do you practice being something totally new?
How do you premeditate freedom? 

This page will not even attempt to answer any of those big questions. But here are some of the ways we'd like you to start getting ready for our first-ever Kol Hai Passover Seder....


What to Wear 👑

We want you to be comfortable. This is the feast of freedom after all. Watch the weather. We'll be under tents, and should be cozy, but you might want an extra layer or two. We'll be on somewhat soft ground, so no heels. There's a long-standing custom for Seder participants to wear white.


What to Share 🎤

We will be encouraging your voice and participation throughout the night, but if you know now that you have a specific poem, song or story to share, let us know now, and we'll weave you into the web. We're also looking for a few more charoset makers. Want to whip up a favorite dish (or try your hand at it for the first time)? Be in touch. Also, let us know if you can fluently read in languages other than English, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Russian or German.


What to Bring 📚

Got a favorite Haggadah? Bring it along. Can you bring spring flowers or other beautifications? Share them with us! Have a beautiful Seder plate to share? Let us know


What to Sing 🎵

Some of the songs we'll sing will be off the cuff, and we'll be encouraging you to share your own tunes, but there are several tunes you can start listening to now to familiarize yourselves. Check out the music section at the bottom of this page.


One Last Thing 🚗

We're encouraging carpooling to help the environment, build community and keep things safe after four glasses of wine. There's rideshare board link at the bottom of this page. When you do arrive, avoid the first three rows of the parking lot (they belong to the Rosendale Theater) or use the municipal parking (there's plenty) at the back of the lot.



We'll be adding more music to this list over the next few weeks.

Polish Dayenu:


Check out our ride-share board to find or offer rides.


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