Reb Pauline wrote this personal translation of the AMIDAH as a student in the Davvenen Leadership Training Institute (DLTI)

Avot and Emot

Song of my soul truth,
As we stand here, in this magnificent moment of timeless time.
Feet planted firmly on this sacred ground
Spirits uplifted in prayer to you source of all being, igniting our lives
Let the flow of our ancestors' energy,
Nourished in the rivers of faith, courage, and wisdom,
Flow freely into our beings amid the ever rushing turbulent river of life
Let their love infuse us so that we will remain a steadfast link of love and faith as were our forbearers,
And live our lives in connection to you, our soul truth.
And so we pray Adonai, fountain of blessings, my soul song
מלך עוזר ומושיע ומגין
ברוך אתה יהוה
מגן אברהם ופוקד שרה


With boundless blessing, you sustain all life
you nourish the parched earth with germinating dew
you nourish our parched souls with your soaring spirit
awakening our hurting hearts
your revitalizing fire frees our tormented tangles
when your light shines upon us and we can hear your sweet song
your loving-kindness sustains us
your mercy revives us when we are sick in body or spirit
once again we are alive
ברוך אתה יהוה מחיה כל חי

Kedushat ha-shem

Oh boundless one my god
you of endless potential possibilities
infinite and eternal are you
beyond and within all time and space
hallowed are you in your divine sanctity
you free us at every moment from the straights of our constrictions
consecrating us in your image
so we may become a holy unto you
in those moments of breathing wonder and breathless awe
with stirring hearts and joyous voices
let us join the heavenly symphony and declare your name
קדוש קדוש קדוש
יהוה צבאות
מלא כל הארץ כבודו
boundless is gods presence a limitless source
ברוך אתה יהוה האל הקדוש

Prayer for peace

ֵternal wellspring of peace
may we be drenched with the longing for peace
that we may give ourselves over;
as the earth to the rain
to the dew
until peace overflows our lives
as living waters overflow the sea

עשה שלום במרומיו
הוא יעשה שלום עלינו
ועל כל ישראל
ועל כל יושבי תבל
ואמרו אמן

shir feit


Shir Yaakov is Kol Hai's founder and spiritual director.