When January 28, 2023 at 10:30 am EST 3 hrs 30 mins

Shabbat Retreat - Connecting Through the Heart ❤️

Saturday January 28th, 10:30-2:00pm ET • Onsite or on Zoom 

Join us for a shabbat morning in sacred community. Hosted in an intimate home space surrounded by forests. We will hold a sacred space for connecting to the heart through songs and prayers of gratitude, openness, celebration, and healing for ourselves and others.

This will be a morning of rest, rejuvenation, inspiration within the warmth of community.

About Basya

Basya Schechter is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, cantor, and music teacher. She is the lead singer and founder of the world/folk rock band Pharaoh's Daughter and has released two solo albums.

Raised in the Hasidic Jewish community of Borough Park, Schechter left Orthodoxy after high school but maintained a love for the traditional Jewish music of her youth. Her own music often blends concepts from Jewish music with a variety of styles and sounds from Eastern Europe, the Arab world, and Africa, among others.

Find out more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basya_Schechter

Thumbnail photo credit: Jamie Kalikow

Cacao as Medicine for the Heart

As our theme will be heart opening, for those who wish to share in chocolatey warmth, we invite you to join us in sipping cacao during the morning service. Cacao has long been known to open the heart and boost ones mood and we hope to focus on the Heart during this retreat. Those who are join onsite will have cacao provided. Those joining online can find resources on preparing cacao here.

The word cacao comes from the Mayan words “Ka’kau, meaning “heart blood,” and “Chokala” meaning “to drink together.” The Mayan believed that cacao was a key ingredient in restoring balance and connection to the divine. Although we will not be having a traditional Mayan ceremony, we will honor the history and culture of cacao as we share in its vitality-inducing benefits. 

We will also be sourcing our cacao from the deeply ethical Cacao Lab, right here in the Hudson Valley.

Register here to join us in the Hudson Valley, or on Zoom. Please also indicate if you are joining onsite.

Tickets: Our prices reflect Kol Hai’s expenses. We encourage additional voluntary donations as we depend upon your generosity to sustain and grow a thriving Jewish Renewal community in the Hudson Valley. We are also committed to accessibility. If you need another price option, please reach out to Nancy at [email protected] for discount options. No one is turned away from Kol Hai for lack of funds. ❤️ 

We hope to share this shabbat with you!

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